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Rental Agreements DIY provide up to date Australian Residential Tenancy and Commercial Lease Agreement templates for professional property managers and investors. Each agreement template has been drafted to comply with the Residential Tenancies Act for each state and territory of Australia.

Our Commercial Property Lease Agreement legal document template and our Residential Lease Agreement legal document templates are by far our most popular downloadable legal document templates.

NSW Lease agreement Tenancy Agreement Australian Capital Territory
NSW Lease agreement Tenancy Agreement New South Wales
NT Lease Agreement Tenancy Agreement Northern Territory
Qld Lease Agreement Tenancy Agreement Queensland
SA Lease Agreement Tenancy Agreement South Australia
Tas Lease Agreement Tenancy Agreement Tasmania
Vic Lease agreement Tenancy Agreement Victoria
WA Lease Agreement Tenancy Agreement Western Australia
Commercial Tenancy Agreement Commercial Property Lease Contract Agreement
Commercial Tenancy Sub Lease Agreement Commercial Propety Sub Lease Contract Agreement
Commercial Tenancy Sub Lease Agreement Commercial Propety Assignment of Lease Agreement

Real Estate Agreements

Agreement between Tenants in Common Agreement Between Tenants in Common
Option to Purchase Real Estate Agreement Option to Purchase Real Estate Agreement

Other Legal Document Templates available for immediate download

Here are some of the most popular documents and software. We hope you find them helpful.

Click here Business For Sale Kit
12 essential legal agreements to make selling your business a breeze. Well that's the theory anyway.

Click here Business For Sale Agreement
This single contract template can be purchased seperately or as part of the business for sale kit. This sale of business contract has been crafted to cover you from every angle.

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101 Business Essentials
RP Emery & Associates have just released an up-to-date set of Key Legal Documents and Business Agreements covering a wide variety of crucial business and personal areas. Click here Click here for full details of 101 business essentials.

Legal Guide
An insider shortcut guide that shows you how to reduce the cost of solicitor fees and legal costs... by... thousands of dollars! It provides you with cost-cutting legal insights and know-how. Real tips and shortcuts to protect your business, your wealth and your lifestyle! Click here Click here for full details of our Legal Guide.

Business Partnership Management Kit
Don't become a statistic. Safeguard your financial future with a foolproof system that keeps the channels of communication in your partnership wide open, and secure your prosperity. RP Emery and Associates have just released an up to date collection of administration, management and accounting documents for legally managing a business partnership. Each partnership form can be quickly and easily adapted to suit your specific needs and requirements. Click here Click here for full details of Business Partnership management Kit.

Will Kit
If you have been putting off making a will Now is the time to act. If you have property that you wish to distribute at the time of your death, you should have a Will. If you have responsibilities to dependent children or a spouse we strongly advise having a Will. In fact just about everyone over the age of 18 years should have a Will. Click here Click here for full details of Last Will and Testament Kit.

Cohabitation Agreement Cohabitation Agreement
Prenuptial Agreement Prenuptial Agreement
Cohabitation Agreement same gender couple Cohabitation Agreement same gender couple
Storage Space Lease Rental Agreement Storage Space Lease Rental Agreement Package
Motor Vehicle Rental Agreement Motor Vehicle Rental Agreement Package
Truck Rental Agreement Truck Rental Agreement Package
Boat Hire Agreement Package Boat Hire Agreement Package
Boat Charter Agreement Boat Charter Agreement Package
Equipment Rental Agreement Equipment Rental Agreement Package
Computer Rental Agreement Computer Rental Agreement Package
Click here Agency Agreement
Click here Associate Lease Agreement
Click here Band Partnership Agreement
Click here Business Lease Agreement
Click here Catering Services Agreement
Click here Commercial Equipment Lease
Click here Consulting Services Agreement
Click here Company Consultants Agreement
Click here Distribution Agreement
Click here Franchise Agreement
Click here General Partnership Agreement
Click here International Distribution Agreement
Click here Joint Venture Agreement
Click here Non Compete Agreement
Click here Partnership Dissolution
Click here Sale of Partnership interest


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