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When to use this Boat Charter Agreement ?

This Boat Charter Agreement Contract is suitable for hiring out your Boat to a third party.

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Sample Boat Charter Agreement document excerpt

Charter Agreement. -----------------------------------, Referred to as the CARRIER, and -----------------------------------, Referred to as CUSTOMER, agree:

      CARRIER shall provide the following services to CUSTOMER:


      Type: [i.e. Transportation by aircraft/boat/bus/truck, etc.]

      Number of passengers:


      Fee: $________.

      Total weight of baggage:

      Waiting time provided for between destinations:

      CARRIER shall undertake in good faith to transport passengers and baggage as provided above. CARRIER does not guarantee the time of departure and factors such as weather, road conditions, air traffic control delays and/or other operational parameters beyond the control of the CARRIER may result in delay. CARRIER is bound by governmental regulations and CARRIER shall have no liability for any actions undertaken in compliance with such regulations. CARRIER may substitute carriers or types of [state type of transportation].

      Transportation of extra passengers or weight is optional with CARRIER, and may require payment of additional charges, in advance.

      CARRIER shall not be required to change the itinerary without prior notice, and may


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