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Cohabitation Agreement - De facto relationship agreement
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Cohabitation Agreement Agreement available for immediate download.
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If you are living with someone or intending to live with someone but not planning to marry you should consider having a Cohabitation agreement.

A solid Cohabitation Agreement Contract will protect you by defining your relationship with your partner and protect you from potential future relationship complications. Our professional Cohabitation Agreement documents will let you define your relationship, property rights and liabilities between you and your partner. . Our fully secured ecommerce system allows you to purchase and download your Cohabitation Agreement safely. In just a few minutes you can download your Cohabitation Agreement and bonus Will Kit.

It is important to understand this type of agreement is subject to and enforcable with the law of contract. If there has been undue influence, misrepresentation, fraud, duress or unconscionable conduct a court may set aside the agreement. It would be in both parties' best interest to seek independent legal advice and have this agreement certified by an independent legal representative.

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When to use this Cohabitation Agreement

This Cohabitation Agreement is suitable if you are living with someone or intending to live with someone but not planning to marry.

This Cohabitation Agreement includes the following provisions -

Parties Parties
Consideration Consideration
Financial arrangements Financial arrangements
Common expenses Common expenses
Personal expenses Personal expenses
Property Acquired Before Cohabitation Property Acquired Before Cohabitation
Property Acquired During Cohabitation Property Acquired During Cohabitation
Gifts Gifts
Children Children
Debts Debts
Dissolution Dissolution
Transfer Of Rights Death
Transfer Of Rights Transfer Of Rights
Applicable Law Applicable Law

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This Cohabitation Agreement has been professionally drafted. You can use this template time after time, simply insert the correct information in the appropriate fields then print your professional agreement!

Sample Cohabitation Agreement document excerpt

cohabitation de facto relationship agreement



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