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Rental Agreement Packages

Specially drafted rental agreements to protect your assets

Residential Property Lease Agreement Landlord Kits
Rental agreements for ACT, NSW, NT, Qld, SA, Tas, Vic, WA. Specially prepared to comply with all state laws so you can lease your residential property with confidence.

Commercial Property Lease Agreement Landlord Kit’s
Commercial property rental agreement to use with offices, factories and industrial property.

Commercial Property Sublease Agreement Package
Sublease your commercial property.

Assignment of Lease Agreement Contract
Use this assignment of lease agreement contract to transfer your commercial property lease to a new tenant.

Shared Office Space Lease Rental Agreement Package
Do you have a work space suitable for sharing with others? Protect your interests by using our specially prepared shared office space rental agreement.

Storage Space Lease Rental Agreement Package
Do you have some space suitable for hire as storage? Protect your interests by using our specially prepared storage space rental agreement.

Motor Vehicle Rental Agreement Package
if you have a car, motor bike or other vehicle for hire download your specially prepared motor vehicle rental agreement.

Truck Rental Agreement Package
If your vehicle for hire is commercial in nature use our truck rental agreement.

Car Parking Space Rental Agreement
If your have a car parking space which you wish to rent out.

Boat Hire Agreement Package
Are you hiring out your boat? Protect your asset by using our boat hire agreement.

Equipment Rental Agreement Package
Do you have equipment for short term or long term hire? Our equipment rental agreement will protect your interests.