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When to use this Truck Rental Agreement

This Truck Rental Agreement Contract is suitable for hiring out your Truck to a third party.

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Sample Truck Rental Agreement document excerpt


Make of Vehicle ________Colour____________Year_________Tag____________

Date Out____________Time Out______________Date Due In________________

Date In____________Time In________________Extra Hours ________________

Driver's Lic._______________State___________Expiration_________Birthdate_________

Driver's Name_________________________________Home Phone____________

Home Address___________________________________ Rate per Day_________

Local Address__________________________________ Rate per Week_________

Credit Card: Master Card    Visa    Diner's Club    American Express  

 Mileage Charge _____________   Mileage In _________________

Number___________________Expiration______ Mileage Out_________________

Employed by______________Phone___________ Mileage Driven______________

Address__________________________________ Rental Charge______________

Renter's Insurance Co.___________________ Mileage Charge_________________

Renter's Policy__________________________ Collision_____________________

This contract covered with COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER for which I agree to pay an additional charge of [$-------] per day. In event any of the terms of this rental contract are violated, this clause shall be null and void, and the Lessee shall be liable to the___


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