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Assignment of Lease Commercial Property Agreement

Assignment of Lease Agreement available for immediate download.

A solid Assignment of lease agreement contract will allow you to transfer your existing commercial property lease agreement to someone else.

Our professional commercial property assignment of lease document template and easy to follow instructions will help you transfer your rights and obligations of your existing property lease.

Our fully secured ecommerce system allows you to purchase and download your Commercial Property Assignment of Lease Contract safely. In just a few minutes you can have everything you require to transfer your lease.

When to use this Assignment of Lease agreement?

This Assignment of Lease Contract is suitable for the transfer of lease for most types of commercial premises such as offices or industrial property. It may not be suitable for retail shop situations.

Once this agreement is executed, with the permission of the landlord, you are indemnified from any obligation and future liability to do with the lease. If the new tenant defaults the landlord cannot hold you responsible or attempt to recover monies from you.

This Assignment of Lease Agreement has been professionally drafted. You can use this template time after time. Simply insert the correct information in the appropriate fields then print your professional agreement!

Your Assignment of Lease Agreement includes –

Identification of Parties Identification of Parties
Term of Lease Term of Lease
Assignments and Assumptions Assignments and Assumptions
Assignors Representations Assignor’s Representations
 Landlords Consent Landlord’s Consent
Assignors ObligationsAssignor’s Obligations
Terms and Provisions Terms and Provisions
Invalid Provisions< Invalid Provisions
Transfer of Rights Transfer of Rights
Entire Understanding Entire Understanding
Governing Law Governing Law

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